Chris Hughes

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Chris Hughes is the founder of Artifact Bag Co., where he designs and manufactures canvas and leather goods in Omaha using the artisanal method and the finest materials.

Much of Chris’s life has been spent failing in the pursuit of a conventional career path. However, he has been successful at day dreaming, exploring rabbit holes, collecting long tail interests, and learning things the hard way.

Chris’s tipping point occurred the day he found a career exercise with a Venn diagram that enabled him to connect the dots and synthesize his obscure influences, interests, and experiences. He leveraged them into a business model that became the bedrock for Artifact Bag Co.

Chris’s designs have been featured in New York Times, Esquire, GQ, Garden Design, Gizmodo, Uncrate, Popular Mechanics, and Inc. Chris is recipient of the Midlands Business Journal’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year and 40 Under 40 honor.

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